Tuesday Amuseday

The weather is sub-optimal for June 5th, wouldn't you say?  The wind and rain make it feel more like March!  This morning I was perusing Pinterest in dire need of a pick me up from this foul-weather funk, and as luck would have it I found just the comic relief I was looking for.  If you've ever caught yourself saying any of the things in these two videos, consider yourself a bona-fide fashion girl:

And part II:


Hilarious, no?  I die.  I cannot tell you how many times my friends and I have used verbatim the exact phrases:  "Flats or heels? I have been spending SO much money lately.  Jessica Simpson actually makes some decent shoes."  There are also some classic one-liners that I hadn't heard before and which I fully intend on incorporating into my own fashion vernacular - especially the quip about indulging in a "personality drink" before going out, and the summary of your classic girl pose:  "little teapot, chin down, eyes up."  Now that's just sound photo-taking advice.

Happy Tuesday Amuseday everyone!  What makes you laugh today?