Paint Night

Tonight my roommate and I indulged the children in us - sort of.  About a month ago Laura asked me if I'd be interested in attending a Groupon deal she bought called Paint Nite, and it sounded fun so I said yes.  Paint Nite is an ongoing series of events that takes place at local bars and restaurants all over Boston, and it basically combines drinking and painting - so what's not to love? Laura and I signed up for a class tonight, which happened to be at the Friendly Toast.  The class was at 7:30 and I hadn't eaten dinner so for me the evening was more about drinking, painting, and making sure I didn't dip my brush in ketchup or try to embellish details on my canvas with a sweet potato fry by accident.  It was actually so much fun - and I really did feel like a grade school kid in art class again - no inhibitions, no boundaries to my imagination, just me and my head and the primary colors (and my st. germain cocktail, bien sûr).  

Each Paint Nite features a local artist who talks the class through how to paint a replica of one of the artist's original works.  Below is a photo of our artist's painting and the inspiration for my own:


Listening to the artist describe how to blend colors in order to create light, shadows, and depth was really fascinating - as an art history minor I vividly recall studying the various techniques employed by masters such as da Vinci, Matisse, and Picasso, but as I have never been much of a painter myself it was definitely cool and also kind of liberating to try my hand at the craft.  Admittedly I still have a lot to learn, but at the end of the night I was pretty pleased with how my œuvre turned out.

Laura's painting came out beautifully - in fact we were both so proud of our masterpieces that we hung them in our kitchen as soon as we got home.  Initially we wanted to put them in the living room, but it screamed a little too "LOOK WHAT I MADE MOMMY!!!" as they were the first thing you'd see upon walking into our apartment, so we opted to hang them in the kitchen for a more subtle, "yes that's right I DIY my own wall art" vibe.




All in all Paint Nite was totally fun and I would definitely do it again - in fact Laura and I are contemplating removing all other household wall hangings and filling the apartment with only our own canvas creations.  Then maybe we'll host a Paint Nite / come look at our Museum of Mediocre Art Nite, and everyone can ooh and ahh over how talented we are.  Until then, I'm just proud I managed to keep my fries away from my paint palette and the brushes out of my mouth.