One Hula-va Good Time

  Last Friday night (cue the Katy Perry music) was the annual Wellesley ABC Gala.  ABC stands for A Better Chance, an organization devoted to providing outstanding academic opportunities to women who may not have otherwise had the chance to demonstrate their potential.  This year's benefit was Luau-themed, complete with pina coladas, hula hoop toss, and a smoking volcano - courtesy of my most creative mama!  Below, behold some of the highlights of the night:

Oh, did I mention this was a grown-up event?  My friends and I were the only 20-somethings there, and personally I'm convinced we were invited solely because we bring the dancing and the good times everywhere we go (just wait til Summer Solstice - you'll see).

Dancing so fast, the cameraman couldn't keep up.

Ladies in bright colors

Mikey Sandwich

Griff and Marmsicle gettin' wild on the dance floor

Boyz in the Hood (and by "hood" I mean Tommy Bahama)

Griff living out his dream of being a rockstar in an oldies band

And my personal favorite - me and my mama just havin' a good time