Join the Tribe

  Last May my brother auditioned for a role as a lacrosse player in an upcoming movie, Crooked Arrows.  The role wasn't a stretch for Andy, as he played varsity lacrosse for his high school team and continues to play club in college.  He aced the tryouts and easily scored himself a spot on the "bad guys" team, opposite the main ensemble - a high school Native American lacrosse team seeking to redeem the honor of their ancestors (and themselves) by winning the championship game of their people (Native Americans invented lacrosse, you know).

A year later the movie is finished - cut, edited, that's a wrap - and my family was invited to the red carpet premiere in Boston.  Who knew my ticket to Hollywood would be on the coattails of my brother and his lax bro skills?


Watch for the man himself in the preview (you'll see him flash by around the 1:26 - 1:28 mark, he's wearing the #5 jersey)


The premiere itself was actually really cool.  After seeing the movie we attended the reception to meet and mingle with the cast and crew.  Normally I would have been catatonic at the idea of meeting celebs, but on this occasion the actors were mostly my brother, his friends, and my neighbor (who actually scored a prominent role as the only white kid on the Native American team). Nevertheless, my sister and I did get a chance to meet Brandon Routh, who plays the lead role as the coach of the Crooked Arrows (he was also Superman in the 2006 film Superman Returns).

Brandon and my seester

Naturally we spent the remainder of the evening taking selfies.