About Joie de la mode

Bonjour! Welcome to Joie de la mode.  Directly translated it means "Joy of fashion" - and that is certainly one part of this experiment.  Paris, ma ville préférée, is universally and unfalteringly known as the fashion capital of the world - a title it well deserves.  From the haute couture houses of Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, La Croix and more, to the effortless and always chic street styles of La Parisienne, I have Paris to thank for introducing me to my guiltiest pleasure - la mode.  

In the sartorial sense of the word, mode refers to "style" or "on-trend" (as in, "her outfit is so a la mode!"). The expression joie de la mode thus lends itself perfectly to my philosophy that fashion is nothing if not an expression of personal style, and that we should all find joy in expressing who we are. 

Yet mode can mean other things too.  From a more scientific point of view, mode often is defined as "the way" or "the means", which seems very fitting because this blog is also about finding joy in now - in the way you live every day and in the attitude you assume to achieve your dreams.  Life is short, and the only way to really appreciate it is to try not to get too caught up in The Big Unknown, and to just be.  That's what it's all about, right?  So for now I am here, living and working and discovering, and writing this blog to document it.  Some of my posts will be about Paris, as the people who live there are really doing something right - they eat wonderful food, wear beautiful clothes, speak gorgeous words, and dress their children in the most adorable outfits.  But some of my posts will be about other things - my personal fashion aesthetic, my rampant obsession with all things makeup and hair, and last but not least, my perspective on crafting a beautiful lifestyle that supports your health and your happiness.