Une Rêve d'été

Well hello there, how have you been? It's been quite a while since my last real blog post, and for that I owe an apology.  I started this blog as a means of focusing more of my time on the things about which I am passionate in life, and unfortunately between work and...yeah, just work, I haven't had barely a second to even think about the things that interest me, much less write about them.  But today I woke up with new determination to take my life back, one post at a time. In between the office chaos that has consumed most of my waking hours this summer, I did manage to sneak away last week.  To where, you ask?  Isn't it obvious? Where else would I go when I truly want to be my happiest, if not to Paris?  Of course it helped that my sister came too, together we had a most amazing 4 days in our favorite city before training down to the Coté d'Azur for the remainder of the week.  Of course now that I'm back and up to my eyeballs in work it seems like I dreamed the whole thing - luckily I have more than a few photos to prove otherwise.








Paris, was exactly what is should be always - a juxtaposition of life.  Alluring yet harsh, welcoming but at times indifferent, sometimes cloudy but other times so beautiful it's hard to believe you aren't standing in a painting.  Among some of the memories, my highs included watching the fireworks on Bastille Day from La Seine with bottles of champagne, eating a 5 hour meal with our new french friend Adrien at a Moroccan restaurant before going for Amorino's (my favorite gelato, tout le monde), shopping out of control at our favorite store Brandy Melville, walking around Chanel like it's the most beautiful (and expensive) museum in the world, and - bien sûr - putting our own lock on the Pont des Arts (second star to the right and straigh on 'til morning).

And then, before we even knew we had arrived - we were gone, this time headed South.








As I am sure you can tell from the photos, the Coté d'Azur was breathtaking.  Meredith and I spent a full day in Nice before venturing off to other nearby towns - Antibes and Monaco - where the views were just as gorgeous and the yachts bigger than I have ever seen.  Highs from this part of the trip definitely include gambling away 5 Euro on the slots at Monte Carlo (where you are most certainly not allowed to take photos), walking around the quaint and quiet town of Antibes and tasting treats from the bakery that catered the Prince of Monaco's wedding, lying on the beach in Nice, and walking around Vieux Ville and especially on the Cours Saleya, an open air food market by day and an outdoor dining and souvenir market by night.

Of course, what trip to France isn't complete without a little bit of chic?  For a peek at what I wore while flaneuring around Paris and Nice, check out my upcoming blog posts in La Mode.