Fashion's Night Out


Crazy as it seems, New York Fashion Week is upon us and I could not be more excited.  Not only is fall my favorite season for selfish reasons (my birthday), but also because it is the season of opportunity.  Most people tend to think of spring the way I think of fall;  spring is the coming alive of plants and animals (the ones who hibernate) after a long winter's nap, it is the season for throwing out miscellaneous junk acquired over the past year (i.e. spring cleaning) in order to make way for newer, better, prettier things that will fill your closets until it's too chilly to wear them and then...gasp! Fall is here!  Already?!  It was just Memorial Day - I haven't even worn my new white jeans long enough to get barbeque stains on them and now you're telling me they have to go into storage?! (not true by the way - winter white is completely acceptable in my book).  Nonetheless, when a slight chill breathes into the night of a late August evening and I'm forced to wrap my summer jacket tighter around my shoulders, I know fall has arrived - and with it, the promise of starting fresh.

Like a newly minted 4th grader clutching her Lisa Frank folders and matching pencil case as her mom stands at the checkout line of Staples with enough school supplies to last until graduation, turning the cover of my 916-paged copy of Vogue - The September Issue -  sends an exhilarating rush through my entire body.  But instead of anxiety sinking in slowly after leaving the parking lot - the "what will I wear on the first day of school?  what if my teacher is another nun with no sense of humor? what if I'm taller than all the boys!?" questions that plagued me as an adolescent are now replaced with only one thought: "Fall fashion has arrived - let's have some fun!"

And that is exactly what I plan to do, starting tomorrow.  For tomorrow not only kicks off NYFW (schedule of events here), but it also marks the 4th anniversary of Fashion's Night Out - an annual event launched in 2009 by Anna Wintour and the CFDA as a means of boosting our flailing economy by "restoring consumer confidence" and by celebrating fashion in a global,  Though the event is "headquartered" in NYC, cities all over the world celebrate FNO with a variety of fabulous events hosted by participating retailers.  In Boston alone more than 60 retailers will be opening their doors tomorrow after hours in honor of FNO!

Due to the grand scale of the event and the improbability that I will be able to frequent all 60-something retailers, I devised a top-notch strategy for the evening:

  • 5:00 pm - exit my day job
  • 6pm - meet friends at Copley.  Head to Neiman's to kick off the night with a presentation on F/W 2012 fashion trends and a consultation with Style Advisor Dave Chen.  Champagne is of course in order, and perhaps we'll even engage in some light fortune telling or henna tattoo artistry - the opportunities are limitless!
  • 7:30 pm - head to Newbury Street.  From here my plan is to hit up the retailers within my budget - think H&M, Zara, Crush, and Anthropologie (the sale section).
  • Somewhere along the way we'll get hungry and eat dinner

I can't wait!  Though I am planning to attend FNO as a consumer - that is after all what the evening is about - I will be taking photos throughout the night to feature in a follow-up post, where I will also reveal my FNOO - Fashion's Night Out Outfit!

Happy Shopping!