OOTD: Casual for Work

  Something to perk up your Tuesday:  Shark in the Water

As I mentioned in my Wildlife Control post, most mornings before work the act of getting dressed is a rather perfunctory process.  However, last night's rendezvous to Cambridge for the concert left me too tired to think about what I was going to wear today, so when I got out of bed I found my entire closet staring back at me, daring me to make a decision with its overstuffed racks and closet rods made so heavy by the hangers of clothes that adorn them that they have started to warp.

Don't get me wrong, if today was Saturday I could have easily spent the next hour trying on different outfits, delighting in the discoveries of "oh yeah, I totally forgot about this!" and "who knew neon yellow would look so good with navy?" (Answer: Akira).  But knowing I had about 15 minutes before I had to be out the door, I panicked.  My brain went into hyperdrive, and I began throwing things on haphazardly while having the following dialogue with myself:

"Is it cold out?"

Ask Siri - High of 60, so somewhere in the middle (I am always cold)

"Can I wear corduroys to work? Can I wear them in April?"

You can wear corduroys if you pair them with a blazer or something with a collar.  You can wear them in April if they are a spring color and not something in the fall spectrum (maroon, olive, etc).

"I feel nautical."

Wear something with stripes

"My hair is a mess."

Try a reverse braid

"At this rate I'm going to have to run to work."

Don't wear heels

4 minutes later I was wearing the result of this inner monologue, and I have to say it came as a surprise that I rather liked what I saw.  So much in fact, I decided to share it with you:

What do you think?  I decided the throw the bag on last minute, because the outfit is so versatile that I could easily swap out my LV Neverfull work tote for this woven leather bowler bag from Urban Expressions for a more social affair.

If you are curious about where the rest of my outfit came from, read on:

  • White Blazer by Zara
  • Navy and white striped button-down tank by J. Crew
  • Tan cords in Rail Straight by Madewell
  • Black flats with gold toe by J. Crew
Hope you enjoyed - stay tuned for more OOTD (and Night) coming up in La Mode!