Polished Fall Makeup Tutorial

I haven't published a makeup tutorial in quite a while, mostly on purpose because I never felt my videos were of very good quality.  That all changed last month when I received my new DSLR Canon camera, which I love and feel has made all the difference in filming.  The videos are now much brighter and the colors much more true-to-life.  I am still learning though, so I apologize if some points in the video are slightly out of focus.  Practice makes perfect so let's assume you'll be seeing many more of these videos in the future!

Today's tutorial is inspired by fall and the gorgeous colors of the season.  The look is fairly simple - I don't do much with my eyes beyond using a soft brown pencil on the lids.  This look is very much in vogue right now and was seen on both runways in the fall and spring shows - a very neutral eye accompanied by a really vibrant lip and a flawless complexion.  That's where the real fun came in - this video shows you how to perfect the skin and really get that autumn glow - as I believe fall is all about looking as fresh-faced and healthy as possible, almost as though you've just walked through the door from a nice stroll about town!  I also used this video to play with lip color as I don't get to experiment that much during the work week.  I applied a deep burgundy/wine shade from Urban Decay's High Gloss collection, which is a range I absolutely love because of how hydrating it feels when applied.  I hope you enjoy!


*Please note: none of the cosmetics or skincare products used in this tutorial are sponsored - all are products I actually love and use.