Audrey Hepburn Tutorial

  If there is one woman whose style and charm has always been and will always be in vogue, it is Audrey Hepburn.  Whether it was adventuring around Europe as an undercover princess in Roman Holiday, or window shopping in a frock that iconicized the LBD with her coffee and cruller in hand during Breakfst at Tiffany's, Audrey's many alias' were always dressed to perfection.  But it wasn't just her movie persona that made Audrey so appealing.  Her natural spunk and charisma offscreen was just as disarming as her beauty and talent was captivating, and it is this combination of ingenuity and timeless grace that cemented Audrey's fate as a style icon to women of every generation.


Though we may not all be blessed with the striking cheekbones and waif-life figure Audrey possessed, there are certain elements of her look that can be easily incorporated into any woman's style.  And since this month commemorates what would have been Audrey's 83rd birthday (she was born May 4th), I have put together a few quick wardrobe tips and a makeup tutorial in her honor.

Audrey: The Wardrobe

While many of her characters were outfitted to the nines in her movies (and impeccably so, I might add), Audrey's day-to-day wear was quite minimalistic - though never boring.  The following pieces are my absolute essentials to achieve her casual look:

The best part about emulating her look is that you likely already own most of the essentials!  The fun part comes with making it your own: try adding a statement necklace like this one from ModCloth or brightly colored belt for a pop of color.   Or, change up the flats - black is always chic but you can easily swap out bolder colors to suit your mood.  Better yet, blend Audrey's style with a current fashion trend - I'm thinking the Peter Pan collar - and you've instantly achieved an Audrey-esque ensemble while keeping the look fresh and modern!

Audrey: The Makeup

Miss Hepburn kept her makeup very simple:  a touch of liner on the eyes, a pop of peach blusher on the cheeks, and neutral or pink shades on the lips.  The one feature Audrey truly played up were her famous eyebrows.  For my take on how to achieve her doe-like eyes and full brows, watch the tutorial below.  Enjoy!