Side French Braid Bun

  I've been doing a lot of bun tutorials lately, and decided to continue that trend with a really simple but very elegant side french braid bun.  This look is much easier than the finished product makes it seem - in fact I wear it to work fairly often because I can do it in under 5 minutes!

To do this hairstyle, you will need:

  • A brush
  • One hair tie
  • One small clear hair elastic
  • A pretty clip
  • Bobby Pins

Step 1.  Brush your hair completely to get rid of any tangles.  Part your hair on the side that you normally wear it; if you wear it in the middle you can choose whichever side feels more natural.

Gather the hair starting from the part (on the side with LESS hair), and extending down to just above the ear.

Step 2. Split the hair into three equal sections.  You are going to french braid the hair just like you would if it was a normal french braid, on top of your head - the only difference is you are french braiding across your head from ear to ear rather than down your hair.  Start the braid by weaving the bottom most section over the middle section and under the top most section.  Braid the top most section over the middle section and under the bottom most section.

Step 3. Next, pick up a good size section from the bottom part of your hair and incorporate it into the french braid, crossing the bottom strand over the middle and under the top (just like you would a regular french braid).

Step 4. Do the same thing with the top strand - gather a piece of hair from the top of the braid and incorporate it into the top most strand as you french braid the top most strand over the middle strand and under the bottom most strand.

Step 5.  Repeat the french braid, picking up pieces and adding them to the braid as you move from one ear towards the other.

Step 6.  When you've reached the other ear, be sure to leave the front-most section of hair (think bangs and any small layered pieces in the front) out of the side french braid.  Using the small clear hair elastic (found at CVS or any local drugstore), tie off the end of the braid.

Step 7. Take the front most section you left out of the braid and twist it between your fingers, rolling the hair away from your face.  Wrap the twisted hair around the braid so the clear hair elastic is covered by hair.

Step 8.  Continue twisting the braid in the same direction as you were twisting the left-over strand, away from your face.  Twisting the braided hair will eventually cause the hair to coil around itself, creating a braided messy bun (the "messy" part comes from the twirled strand of hair wrapped around the braid!).   Secure the braided bun using a hair tie.

Step 9.  Some pieces may have fallen out (or may just be sticking out in odd places) in your bun.  Use a few bobby pins to clean up any loose ends and to secure the bun to your head.

Step 10 (optional).  If you have bangs, or just want to add a little flair to the look, add a pretty clip right above the bun!  This small enhancement automatically makes the whole look more glamorous.

Done!  The finished look is both flirty and polished, and can be worn casually for work or it can be dressed up for a wedding or summer party. Below are a few more pictures of the completed style.  Enjoy!