Hairo and The Difference Between Men and Women

In my family, we have a tried and true system for leaving the house together.  Dad will roam up and down the kids' hallway approximately 30 minutes before departure time, poking his head in each bedroom  to tell us we have 20 minutes until it's time to go.  He then tries to distract himself from the fact that he will be late no matter how much he tries to get us out of the house on time.  Usually this means he starts throwing anything and everything away - papers on the kitchen counter, food out of the refrigerator, shoes he deems too dirty for anyone to rightfully continue wearing (you can imagine how pleased this makes my mother).  At about 5 past his estimated departure time, he will intercom the entire house  to announce he is leaving and whoever isn't downstairs in 30 seconds will be staying home.  That's our cue. We join him one by one, boys first as we girls scramble to decide which coat / shoes / lipstick / hair accessory looks best, and head for the car to fight over who gets smushed in the back of the van (Mikey - he is the youngest after all).  Dad is already in the driver's seat, his XM radio set to The Boss, and he sighs.  "You know how Nike's motto is "Just Do It" ? he asks.  We are silent.  "Well, your mother's motto should be "just get ready to do it." And that is precisely the difference between women and men.  Men, when they have something to do or somewhere to go, just do it.  They take a shower (maybe), put on a clean shirt (if we're lucky), grab their keys (not always), and go.  Women, on the other hand, see leaving the house as an opportunity.  We're going out? And other people will be there?  Perfect!  I'll wear my new dress. Or maybe those boots no one has seen me in yet.  Ooh wait I want to try that cool winged liner look Adele does so masterfully! And what bag goes best with that jacket?  And my god what am I going to do about my HAIR?! 

And men will never understand.  At least that is what I thought until recently, when one of the owners of Hairo Wash and Blowdry offered me a complimentary blowout at his latest Newbury street salon.  Now I know blow dry bars are not a new phenomenon in the hair industry, but what is interesting is that almost all of the other franchises are (not surprisingly) run by women.  When I asked Johnny what it was about the blow-dry trend that appealed to him, he said:

"Women love to get ready and feel like it's special.  Getting ready to go out can be just as much fun, if not more fun than actually going out, especially if you're getting ready with friends. At Hairo that's what we are about - you come in with your girlfriends, bring a bottle of champagne, and have fun getting ready to have fun.  It builds momentum and sets the tone for a great night out."

Couldn't have said it better myself.  Not to mention, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than going to a full-service salon for that kind of treatment.  At Hairo, $35 is the flat-rate fee for all wash and blow-outs, no matter the length, style, or thickness of your hair.  They offer a menu of various blow-outs, from their signature big-body look to a straight and sleek style, from beachy waves to that perfect pony.  The stylists are knowledgeable and friendly, and they will even walk you through what they are doing so you can go home and re-create the look yourself.  My stylist, Marina, did an amazing job giving my hair great volume and body - something I  always struggle with because of its thickness.  The vibe of the salon is energetic yet casual, and the fact that you can BYOC(hampagne) really makes it feel like you're getting ready with your friends at home.  Plus, the website lets you book your appointments online, which I love!

So, the next time you're prepping for a night out, a day on the town, or you simply need a little pick me up, think of my mother's motto and just get ready to do it.  Other men may not get it, but the boys at Hairo do - and trust me when I say you will leave looking and feeling wonderful.  Who cares if you're a little late to the actual party?  When you do arrive I can guarantee it's you who will be the mane event.